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focused on Volkswagen Group, Wolfsburg- Germany

We offer business development, engineering project support, quality and logistics support. Work with us as consummate professionals with outstanding automotive industry knowledge and networks. We serve as your local presence with full representation to local customers with the dedicated aim of increasing your business opportunities.

Need an experienced and credible customer-facing team in Wolfsburg?

Volkswagen requires their suppliers to be present and responsive to their needs when you are separated by geography, time zones, culture or language.

To bridge this gap for you, interfacing to your organisation with a deep understanding of the customers' operations and behaviours is mandatory. Our experienced team is able to provide the right responses, to the right people, at the right time.

Vema GmbH has 20 years experience in Automotive and our networks in the Industry are long established and well proven. Being located in Wolfsburg allows rapid face to face response in urgent situations.

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About us


Business development, engineering project support, quality and logistics support

Vema GmbH is looking to develop new opportunities as well as securing and growing well-established business.

Our primary expertise focuses on Volkswagen Group and their activities centred in Wolfsburg- Germany. We engage from pre-concept through prototype and development to series production. We serve as your local presence with full representation to local customers with the aim of increasing business opportunities.

Knowledge and experience

Since the beginning of the century we have worked with Tier suppliers to Volkswagen Groups across all commodities supporting some of the biggest names in the industry with their sales, project management and quality support requirements.

Key to this success are our people – passionate professionals with outstanding automotive engineering and process knowledge.

Meet the team

Scope and area of activity

Our clients are typically medium to large size component and systems manufacturers and service providers, based largely in Asia but also in the USA and Europe, who want to access the Volkswagen Group and local Tier Ones in Lower Saxonia.

For our clients we focus on business development, engineering project support, quality and logistics support. Every new project is followed from initial RFQ to EOP and beyond.

Our Team

Justus Hagen


Bettina Ahrens

Sales / Project Management

Michiko Zimmermann

Logistics / Accounting Services

Birgit Schmidt


Simon Seehofer

Sales / Project Management

Hana Jung

Logistics / Accounting Services

Dirk Springer

Sales / Project Management

Tobias Haumann

Sales / Project Management Southern Germany

Volkswagen and Partners

Supplier integration service

Since our foundation in 2002, we have supported various suppliers with various technologies. We know the Volkswagen procedures and systems inside out and many times could use our experience and network to eliminate road blocks and find the right people and the right ways at the right time.
In addition we have come to build a close relation to many essential service providers such as TÜV-Süd, TÜV-Nord, DEKRA, Bertrandt, SEMCON, Volke and others.

Concern management

Dealing effectively and professionally with quality problems and project management issues can make the difference in the eyes of your customer. We have a proven track record in supporting our clients to swiftly resolve critical supply issues with minimum disruption, maintaining their reputation and reducing costs.

Intelligence & market assessment

Vema GmbH team members have decades of experience in the automotive market, strategizing a highly successful go-to-market plan, comprising of a winning mix of product-price-target market and positioning.

We now utilise this expertise for supporting our global supplier-partners – in testing and deeply assessing the “Volkswagen” market within 3-6 months through our “Assessment” programs.

Assessment Programme of 3-6 months covers:
  • Make initial contact with appropriate persons at Volkswagen to introduce the supplier partner’s products
  • Conduct face-to-face meetings with short-listed customers to make a detailed presentation and discuss their interests, queries and expectations.
  • Update the supplier partner from time-to-time, and arrange an appropriate response to the customers.
  • Arrange meetings with selected companies at the end of this period for the supplier partner to meet during their visit.
  • Assist supplier partner with advice, recommendations and submittals. Arrange meetings with selected companies at the end of this period for the supplier partner to meet during their visit.
  • At the end of this Assessment Programme, our supplier partner obtains an in-depth understanding of his target customers and segments through actual interactions with key persons at the customer’s organisation. We also would have effectively positioned our supplier partner at the target customers. Most importantly, you would have tested and assessed the market smartly and efficiently. This process would pave the way for your “Volkswagen Market Entry” initiative with maximum success at minimum risk.
We support you in devising your go-to-market strategy and plan based on the outcome and learning from the Assessment programme.


Global Alliance Automotive AG (GAA)

A worldwide group of independent representation companies

The innovative, international, automotive network GAA is currently counting 18 members operating in 15 different countries. The GAA concept brings together many qualified, independent service agencies to act as a single global team to ensure client success at each phase of the automotive cycle. By servicing all important automotive markets GAA is able to offer OEMs and OE suppliers an instant multinational presence.

As one of the founding members of the GAA in 2001, VEMA GmbH is proud of the combined success of the members:





++ supplier partners


experienced consultants


$ Bn / sales


Sourcing systems, components & services

Localizing your supply chain is crucial for success in the international market. Our connection with our Global Alliance Partners enables you to easily explore global options for almost any component, system or service to support your projects anywhere in the world.


Through our global network we are able to connect you with referenced and Taylor made M&A solutions and partners that also reflect the needs of small to medium companies both on the buy and sell side.

For Startups

Integrating Innovation

Vema started in 2015 to get deeply engaged in the Startup world building the necessary network at Volkswagen’s advanced research and Innovation purchasing departments. Today we are capable of finding the right points of contact in the VW Group HQ for almost any innovative technology and initiate reviews and introductions. Startups can choose to cooperate with us in many different ways also including permanent or temporary residency in our shared and curated office space and workshop.

Curated office space in Wolfsburg:

Our activities with various Start-Ups and remotely located suppliers have shown us the need of a quick and affordable solution to locate staff temporarily close to the OEM. Our premises are Information security certified (confidential level) and we have all the technical infrastructure and space you need.


Say Hello.

Our office is located 20 minutes from Volkswagen HQ


Heinrichswinkel 14
38448 Wolfsburg

Office telephone

(+49) 5363 808679